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Toronto Braces for an Era Where Heavy Rain and Flooding is “The New Normal”

April showers aren’t the only thing that Toronto has to worry about anymore. May 2017 brought large amounts of rain which has resulted in historically high water levels to the lakeshore area and the Toronto Islands. This led to the closure of the Toronto Island and the halting of all ferry services. The Island has […]

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Buyer Beware in the Crazy World of House Flipping

As the prices in the GTA housing market continues to rise, it is important for those people looking to purchase a home to be aware that there is an increase in houses that are being purchased and flipped. A home that is being “flipped” means that it was purchased at a lower price, quickly and […]

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Different Types of Basement Cracks

From bone chilling nights to fall-like days, the weather this winter fluctuated more than in past winters. When the temperature changes so drastically in a short period of time, the ground freezes and thaws which can cause cracks in your basement. Now that we’ve felt the April showers, these cracks may allow water to enter […]

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An Ounce of Prevention vs. A Pound of Cure

It’s that time of the year of again. Spring is in the air, which means that melting snow and sleet are about to be one of your home’s worst enemies! No matter how great your house may be, your home could be in grave danger with a damaging foundation. Structural foundation repairs are costly and […]

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What to Know About Weeping Tiles

Winter can be a fun and exciting time of year. From the holidays to the winter activities, winter is packed with things to keep you occupied. The winter months also mean cold weather and early sunsets, which makes many of us looking forward to the warmth of Spring. The warmer weather may be good for […]

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Offset your Mortgage by Renting out your Basement

With the ever climbing price of real estate in the Greater Toronto Area, and the new mortgage stress-test, why not try offsetting your mortgage by renting out your basement. Being a landlord is a big responsibility that comes with many rules and regulations. One of the main things you must think about before you decide […]

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Costs and Causes of Basement Floods

No matter where you live, a basement flood is always a possibility. Regardless of if you live on a floodplain or near any bodies of water, your basement may still be at risk. A leaky basement could not only be hazardous to your home but could also affect the health of you and your family. […]

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Keeping your Basement Dry this Winter

For everyone who is in love with winter, the sight of the first snowfall is magical! It’s that time of the year where you can put on fuzzy slippers, a cozy blanket and warm up with some hot chocolate. We all wish for a snow-covered winter, but as the snow melts in the springtime, the […]

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Signs your Foundation Needs Fixing

Have you been noticing cracks in your walls? Do your doors get stuck when you try to open them? If the answer to these questions is yes, your house could be suffering from serious foundation problems. No matter how great your home may be, your investment may be in some grave danger with a diminishing […]

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Basement Renovation: Turn your basement into your favourite room in the house

It’s time to renovate your unused basement, as it will add a valuable space for your home. It is important to consider the space you have, and how it will benefit your family. Due to the current housing market, it’s an excellent time to maximize the space you have—and renovating your basement will allow you […]