Why Choose Our Warranty?

A warranty is only as valuable as the paper it’s printed on. With over half a century of combined experience, we carry the most valuable warranty in the business; no one has stood the test of time longer than GJ MacRae.


We Are The Originals

Home of the original 15 year transferable warranty. Beware of imitators and empty-warranty promises.

A True 40 Year Legacy

A true four-decade legacy, no one has been waterproofing and underpinning in the GTA longer than us.

Family Owned and Operated

A truly family-owned and operated waterproofing and underpinning service in the GTA. Often imitated never duplicated.

Over 10,000+ Warranties Issued

Yes, you read that right. Surpassing over 10,000 certified warranties issued, no other company has our level of expertise.

Our First and Only Specialty

This is all we do! We started in 1975 and continue to lead the industry with quality work and guaranteed results.

Knowledge and Longevity

Four decades and 10,000+ warranties later… trust our specialized knowledge and let our longevity work for you!

Industry Pioneers

We were the first to introduce and develop the residential ‘overflow’ Vibro-Pak underpinning process.

Exceptional Customer Service

Award winning customer service, quick response times and free estimates make us the perfect fit for your project.

We’re Here For The Long Run

After decades in the business, we are in it for the long run! We don’t provide quick fixes, we provide lasting results.

We Love What We Do!

Yes, we truly love what we do. Heritage restoration, waterproofing, underpinning and structural repairs are our forte.

SINCE 1975


Our Awards

A warranty is only as meaningful (and valuable) as the company that issues it. We don’t issue a document, we issue a guarantee. We’re the longest active waterproofing and structural foundation repair company in the GTA, it’s really that simple.

Underpinning a Century Home

Complete underpinning detail with combined structural I-BEAM replacement and installation within a heritage structure in west-end Toronto. more

Interior Weeping Tile System Installation

The complete installation of a 4″ interior weeping tile system combined with a sump box and sump pump. more

Sump Pump Installation

1/3hp cast iron oil-cooled sump basin and pump installation with a 12VDC battery-backup system (with combined current alarm). more

Garage Floor Installation

Installation of a fresh concrete garage floor at 32MPA with exterior expansion joint integration at a dimension of approximately 30ft x 25ft. more

Addition vs Underpinning?

What is the difference between building an addition vs underpinning? Why is underpinning more advantageous? more



full service basement waterproofing and structural foundation repair specialists in the gta.

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